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Victoria Fraser is a Business Wellbeing Coach, who is helping individuals and business owners know themselves, follow their dreams and create more time so they have a work-life balance both internally and externally.

Originally a farm girl from New Zealand, Victoria is a published International author, a teacher of business and economics and yoga instructor who has now combined these skills to reach as many people and communities as she can. Victoria is a Business Mentor for Business Mentors NZ and thrives from helping business owners in a range of industries.

Victoria’s big WHY and future ext steps are to form a social enterprise, aimed at raising the living standards in lower socio-economic areas in need through education and business development.

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Small businesses often face changes and challenges that can be difficult to navigate from the inside. Victoria Fraser can help 1:1, through self-guided courses or individual module workbooks so you can work less without earning less.

Maximise your resources (time and finances) to effectively overcome professional challenges such as motivation, workplace culture, and stressors that spill over into the home or workplace, so you can move your business forward.


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