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Copy CPR


When was the last time you looked at your website content? Your sales/landing page? Your email sequence?
Have you shifted your focus? Refined your ideal niche or client? Honed in on your signature service?
If your copy doesn’t reflect you right now, it’s probably overdue for a tune up.
Maybe you’ve been DIYing it till now. You’re ready to tighten things up, level up, call in your dream clients. You also know you’re a little too close to the coalface and you could really use a pro’s eye and sprinkling of magic dust all over.
In my Copy CPR intensive, I bring all my editing skills to the table as your partner in crime so we can take your content from so-so to standout.

You pick the content asset that needs a makeover. I get to work refreshing and reviving your words so they capture attention and get people taking more action.