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Course Clinic – Map Out Your Digital Program!


You’ve got a body of work crying out to be launched as an online offer. You’re ready to build a signature course. But your ideas are all over the place and you’ve got content scattered across various formats and channels… You’ve made a start on pulling it all together cohesively but you’ve stalled out.

That’s where I come in. Stop wrestling with the details. I’ll step in, refine your outline, and bring all the disparate pieces together to make your course more effective and credible.

I’ll examine the overall curriculum structure and flow, and the content of individual modules and lessons based on UX and adult learning best practices so your students are well placed to integrate and apply their newfound knowledge.

Each lesson will follow my framework:

  1. WHY: How will your audience FEEL once they achieve/learn this?
  2. WHAT: What core concepts do they need to KNOW?
  3. HOW: What do they need to DO to take action?

What you’ll get:

  • Finalized plan with core content broken down step by step, showing what’s to be covered in each module/lesson
  • Suggested material for worksheets, templates, exercises, checklists

Result: an impactful flagship program with content that sticks, and that helps your students achieve the promised transformation.