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Online, one-on-one Life and Wellness Coaching Starter Programme


The life and Wlelnss starter programme is designed to get you started on your journey towards achieving your  dreams.

For some, this will involve identifying your vision mission and values, discovering what you want more or less of in your life as well as idenitfying your strengths so you can leverage off them to help you succeed. For others coaching may be for getting you ontrack with plans for achieving your goals. Regardless of your coaching objectives I am here to help.

I frequently  intergrate hypnotherpay with coaching to help you get moving fast. Additional half hour and one hour sessions are available in accordance with your budget andpreferences to help you saty on track as you journey towards your gaols.

What you can expect from the standard  starer package (note the starter programme can be changed to suit your preferences):

Session one (2 hours)

  • Discovery discussion about you and what you want to achive from your coaching programme
  • Living well work book – overview and activities for out of session completion
  • Planning for moving forward
  • Overcoming negative thinking and moving towards positivity and optimism for the future hypnosis
  • Hypnosis recording to download and listen to in your own time

Session two (1 hour)

  • Refection and review from previous session
  • Follow up on progress with the living well work book activities
  • Prioritising and setting goals for the future

Session three (1 hour)

  • Reflection and review from previous session
  • Finalising goals
  • Confidence hypnosis to help you go for what you want
  • Hypnosis recording to download and listen to in your own time

Additional session may be scheduled to help you stay on track with achieving your goals and aspirations.