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Helping clients achieve their goals , their way!

At Livewell Hypnotherapy I operate online throughout NZ and internationally, and onsite for local clients. I help my clients achieve thier goals, their way,  by helping them  to choose the techniques that work best for them.

My services include hypnotherapy, and life and wellness coaching, often integrating the two to get results for my clients fast. You may be interested to know that hypnotherapy is highly effective. A study reported in the American Health Magazine ( Vol.7) on the effectiveness of different methods of therapy showed that hypnotherapy is 93% effective in 6 sessions compared with 600 sessions for psychoanalysis and 22 sessions for behaviour therapy, with both of these therapies showing a lower percentage of successful rates.

Hypnotherapy clients commonly see me for help with weight loss, virtual gastric band, stress and anxiety, smoking and vaping cessation, sleep problems, optimistic thinking, motivation and direction, and living with positivity. But hypnotherapy can help with much more than this. You can book a free chat via my web page or speak with me to discover more about how I can help.

My life and wellness coaching starter programmes include three consultations, the total investment being $ 632. Additional coaching sessions are optional based on client preferences and are @ $170 per consultation. The starter programme includes an initial two hour consultation so I can get to understand you and your circumstances in order to help you move forward fast, a workbook, meditations and hypnosis to help you get past mental road blocks.

With hypnotherapy, some problems can be resolved with one consultation, but three -five sessions are more commonly required. A few clients may require more consultations depending on the complexity of their situation. To discover more about how I can help you can call me on  Nz 021 0248 7024 or book a chat from my webpage www.livewellhypnotherapy.co.nz

Pricing for hypnotherapy is as follows:

First consultation: $291. This initial consultation is for two hours and enables me to get an in depth understanding of your circumstances and how I can best help you resolve your concerns as fast as possible. This first consultation will also usually include an initial hypnosis and supply of a hypnosis recording.
Subsequent consultations are @ $170/consultation.

I work in partnership with my clients to create a customised programme which typically involves utilising a combination of effective and proven techniques such as NLP, cognitive behaviour therapy, guided imagery, meditation and hypnosis to help you achieve your success. Our initial discussion will also mean you will know up front what the investment in your changes will be.

I have extensive experience working in the areas of public and environmental health, safety and wellbeing both as a manager and an adviser working in large and small organisations both as an employee and a consultant.

A few years ago I personally benefited a lot from hypnotherapy – in fact I was so impressed with the results that I researched to discover more about hypnotherapy and trained to become a hypnotherapist. My decision to establish my practice, integrating both hypnotherapy and life coaching from my previous expereince was an easy and positive move – and I haven’t looked back as my new direction gives me the opportunity to help others more directly. It gives me great pleasure to see my clients succeed with their changes!

My practice is in rural Ararimu, located in the outskirts of southern Auckland. It offers a peaceful, private and confidential location with free parking at the door for local clients. I also offer online consultations for clients that live throughout NZ and internationally.

I look forward to hearing from you to see how I can help you make the changes you want, your way!

Go well, Annemieke


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Health Safety and Wellbeing

  •  Multiple organisations
  •  Nov 1999 - Apr 2021

My extensive experience in this field includes, 6 years as a Board member of Site Safe NZ, multiple roles in the local governemnt and private sectors both as an employee providing advice and as a senior manager, and as a consultant.

My key responsibilities in these roles were to:

Develop strategy
Influence and manage the direction of teams within the organisations that I worked in as applicable to the the function
Lead teams within my function
Develop management systems to accredited standards
Influence change
Coach employees
Develop and deliver courses
Suppport managers to manage employees with health and welbeing concerns, including performance management
Develop and facilitate courses, including mental health first aid
Negotiation with unions


Masters In Business Administration

  •  Southern Cross University
  •  Mar 2003 - Mar 2007