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Web Design – Development, Audit & Optimisation


Need a website but unsure about the steps to get one – let me smooth this process for you. Together we can discuss:

  • Should you DIY or hire a web design agency?
  • How to select the CMS (website builder) that’s right for you/or your team?
  • What questions should you cover before signing up with an agency?
  • Where to host it?
  • What are the key components of a website that converts?
  • What type of content is needed?
  • How to ensure you’ll show up on Google?

Setting up a website can take months without a minimum amount of guidance, planning or knowledge of web development or basic SEO. “You don’t know what you don’t know” so even when hiring a web design agency, it will make a difference to list clearly the questions you “should have asked”.

You’ve already got a website but thinking of a “facelift”? This is where I excel.
You can also hire me for an audit or as a project manager to facilitate decisions that fit your business while ensuring your site is both SEO-ready as well as built on the timeframe/budget you set.


*Price is listed per hour