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  • Job costPer hour rate for estimated $ 31.00 - $ 31.00 For 20 hours

WHO WE ARE: Mondiale VGL is a New Zealand owned freight and logistics company, providing international shipping, storage and distribution solutions to a wide range of clients. We know that…

  • Job Level2-Medium
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  • Auckland
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Hi, I’m Lynda and I understand that running a business can be a challenging task, and that’s why I offer business support services. I am…

Outstanding Assistant, here to help you keep on top of your to-do list!

As a highly skilled administrative and accounts professional, I am motivated to contribute to the success of any team or organisation that I join. I…

I help business owners gain back time by taking over the pesky admin tasks that always pile up.

Hi, my name is Viv and I am the lady who will be able to take on those pesky tasks so you can work ON…

Let me complete your to do list!

Let me complete your to do list! I am an all rounder and have experience in book keeping, project management, customer services, sales and business…