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Freelance Designer | Creative Consultant | Digital Creator
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Hey there! I’m Sylvia – designer & creative consultant with a passion for all things design. Through my freelance business SCREATIVE, I help entrepreneurs and…

Creative, Passionate & Focused
  • $ 40.00 - $ 60.00 / hr
  • Tauranga
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I’m a freelance graphic designer and web designer who works with various clients or many diverse projects. I work to creative innovative solutions that inspire…

Bespoke Virtual Assistance For Your Business
  • $ 50.00 - $ 100.00 / hr
  • Wellington
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Are you needing someone behind the scenes in your business so you can focus on doing things that generate more revenue? Whether it’s a specific…

Together we'll bring your creative ideas to life

Hi. I’m Alysha. I am the Owner & Designer at Wow Studios, a boutique design, marketing & events studio based in Sydney, Australia. I have…

Brand Designer
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Hey everyone! I am Steph and my business is called Studio Monday. I help passionate, women-led businesses feel empowered with intentional & impactful brand design.…

Brand and marketing strategist
  • $ 130.00 - $ 150.00 / hr
  • New South Wales
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I wear a few hats, which look like: Marketing/Creative and Brand Strategist/Consultant: As a consultant I: – Leverage consumer insights to design and implement brand…

Brand Designer and Strategists helping business owners and passionate entrepreneurs create brands they love.

Hello, I am Nila, a brand designer and strategists who loves helping small businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs communicate their values through design and branding. I…

Are you looking for a social media manager and content creation to meet your business goals? I am that person, meet a bit more below

I am always keen on working hard to develop meaningful social media strategies to obtain the best results in terms of community growth, engagement, awareness,…