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Content Writing Specialist
  • $ 70.00  / hr
  • Auckland
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Hi, I’m Vicky. I’ve had a lifetime’s worth of practice when it comes to writing. From blogs and social media posts to website copy and…

Web Design | Operations Improvement | Collateral Design & more
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I have cultivated a reputation as a problem-solver, being the go-to for complex, high-profile, ambiguous and risky issues. I am highly solution-oriented and drawn to…

Content Writer, Editor, Social Media Manager

Content writer/editor, multimedia journalist and social media manager with over 12 years of experience in weband print media. Experienced in multimedia content production, newsletter content…

Your Admin/Accounts Expert
  • $ 30.00 - $ 50.00 / hr
  • Whangarei
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Hi I have extensive administrative and general accounts experience – having worked in a variety of accounting firms, and also over 10 years with Inland…

Engagement, Experience, and Organisation | Operations and Management

A systematic worker with proven experience in relationship, project, and event management, and community engagement. Prioritising people and culture, effective and concise communication, and accessibility,…

Ready to help you achieve your goals
  • $ 30.00 - $ 30.00 / hr
  • Hamilton
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I have worked a number of years providing admin in a Chartered Accountants Office, Medical Centre,  also, and still currently, working self employed, (along side…

Filmmaker and Multi-Disciplinary Freelancer
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Please find my portfolio by clicking here, where you will find my film work, writing work, and social media content creation work. I look forward…