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Graphic Design/Event & Tour Management

Hi there! I am a graphic designer by trade, working in both print and digital format for over 15 years. My specialties lie in cohesive…

Digital marketing | Graphic Design | Content Creator
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I am a Junior digital marketing content creator with PASSION in graphic design. I managed social media platforms across multiple venues, providing photography and food…

Photographer + Artworker
  • $ 40.00 - $ 150.00 / hr
  • Auckland
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Hi, I’m Haley. I specialise in photography & design. With a fine eye for detail – I love to make things look good. I’ve worked…

Photographer + Videographer
  • $ 80.00 - $ 300.00 / hr
  • Palmerston North
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I’M MORGAN (Artist, Adventurist, Aunty) — Since I was a kid, I have always been drawn to art and creating now I get to create…

Creative Photographer and Graphic Designer looking to take on new challenges!

My name is Brittany Eva, I’m looking for work as I have recently completed my diploma in photography. I would like to bring forth a…

Producing food and product photographs
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Food production, styling, recipe creating and then photographing for your business. I can work with your own recipe to take photos for your blog, product,…

Digital Growth Marketer & Photographer
  • $ 50.00 - $ 100.00 / hr
  • Wellington
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Focus on what you really care about and let somebody else take care of your marketing strategy. I’m a Digital Growth Manager with 10+ experience,…

Are you looking for a social media manager and content creation to meet your business goals? I am that person, meet a bit more below

I am always keen on working hard to develop meaningful social media strategies to obtain the best results in terms of community growth, engagement, awareness,…

Helping small businesses with social media presence!

 I’m Summer, an expert in social media & content creation. I have my own social media agency called Summer’s Creative Studio that offers a range…