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Digital Marketing Specialist
  • $ 70.00 - $ 100.00 / hr
  • Auckland
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I am a Digital Marketing Specialist from Auckland. I am able to offer a complete range of digital marketing services including: website design and build…

Smart, simple, digital solutions to help your business get moving fast.

Hi there, I’m Michelle! I’ve been a professional Graphic Designer and Web Manager for 15 years, specialising in working with small to medium businesses overcome…

  • Job costCost $ 400.00 - $ 400.00

Please do not apply this job is specifically for Lee

  • Job Level2-Medium
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Creating design that works. Communicating your unique message and attracting your audience through smart attractive design.

Your time is valuable, don’t get caught up in a world of DIY branding. Isn’t it time to just focus on your business, do what…

Content Creation - Website - Email - Strategy - Branding
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Hi! I’m Gypsy! I recently got made redundant 🙁 It was my first job after getting my Bachelor of Business Studies. Pretty rough but real…

Marketing Specialist
  • $ 60.00 - $ 100.00 / hr
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E. Lane Collective is a boutique marketing agency working with female-owned brands within the travel, lifestyle and eCommerce industries. Between us, we have extensive experience…

Freelance Designer | Creative Consultant | Digital Creator
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Hey there! I’m Sylvia – designer & creative consultant with a passion for all things design. Through my freelance business SCREATIVE, I help entrepreneurs and…

  • New South Wales
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Hi there, I’m Yasmin, I’ve had over 15 years of experience in the digital space within the fashion, beauty & retail industries. Before taking the…