Succeed as a Freelancer: 3 Secrets to Stand Out Today

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Succeed as a Freelancer: 3 Secrets to Stand Out Today

The freelance market is incredibly competitive and, with remote work as popular as ever, it’s only bound to increase. Today, 38 percent of independent workers identify themselves as freelancers, and 61 percent of freelancers say they engage in this work by choice.

Signing up on a freelancing marketplace is the first step; after that, you need to position yourself as an expert in your field. Hence, it comes as no surprise that freelancers find it challenging to stand out. Here are a few tips that can help you set yourself apart in a competitive freelancing marketplace:

Communicate with your client

Once you’ve begun a project, it’s crucial to keep updating your clients regularly. Pay attention to any requirements they’ve submitted, and make sure you meet their deadline. If, by any chance, you won’t be able to deliver on time, you need to let the client know.

Platforms like HIRE HER provide you with the option to message your client; make sure you use that feature effectively. When you submit your project, let the client know that they can reach out to you if they help with any future projects.

Price yourself competitively

Many freelancers make the mistake of underpricing themselves initially to attract as many clients as they can. Instead, it’s better to price yourself according to your qualifications and the value of your work. 

Clients want to work with professionals, so pricing your services too low can give the indication that they’ll get low-quality work. It’s better to analyze how much other freelancers in your field are charging and pricing your services accordingly.

Deliver high-quality work

Regardless of how much progress you’ve made as a freelancer, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, it’s always crucial to maintain your quality. Delivering value to your clients in the form of quality work will encourage positive reviews and ratings that’ll boost your rating on HIRE HER.

Apart from this, delivering quality work also helps referrals. If clients are satisfied with your work, they’ll be more likely to recommend you to other people they know. Customer retention is a significant part of doing business and it’s important to deliver value to ensure your clients keep coming back for more. This way, you’ll easily become their go-to person.

Final Thoughts

Starting out on any freelancing platform can be tough, but following the tips above can make your journey smoother. Remember that it’s key to build trust with clients and, if you manage to do that, you’ll be successful in whatever field you choose. 

To get started, sign up on HIRE HER and see how you can build your credentials and portfolio. Start applying to jobs and keep these tips in mind to succeed.