Want to Make Your First $1000 On HIRE HER? Here are 3 Tips You Should Follow Today!

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Want to Make Your First $1000 On HIRE HER? Here are 3 Tips You Should Follow Today!

Freelancing is a skill-based business. It doesn’t require a specific degree or qualification. In fact, anyone can be a freelancer as long as you have the talent and finesse to match your value to your price. Now, even if you possess the skills, you may still struggle to earn good money. 

But, don’t worry, ladies, we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips you can follow to earn money that is as high as $1000:

Set up a killer profile

You must have heard of the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, your client will follow the exact opposite of this notion. The cover, in this case, is your freelancer profile. The client will judge your potential based on your profile so make sure it’s complete, easy to read, and well-laid out. 

Your profile must include your real name, a striking display picture, descriptive job domain, previous work experience, and, most importantly, what relevant skills you offer. Keep your profile client-centric, in good English, and connect your social media accounts to establish your presence and authenticity. You should also add a portfolio that includes examples of your work and highlight how your work benefited previous clients.

Negotiate for a good price 

You’ll encounter many clients in the freelancing industry that won’t abide by your desired price because they don’t see your worth. The best way to negotiate with these clients is to not make them realize how good you are, but how you can generate more benefit in their business through your service.  

Another type of client you might encounter is someone who really has no money. These clients’ pay rate is extremely low and negotiating with them is a lost cause. If you really believe your work deserves more than that, tell them no and move on. 

Connect to the client

On a platform like HIRE HER, it’s pretty easy to connect a freelancer to a client. Several jobs are available on the site, which you can choose based on your work domain and contact the client. You may have to go through a series of interviews and questions regarding your skills before getting the job. Make sure you’re able to communicate your offerings and what value you can add to their business. 

Final Thoughts

Freelancing can be an incredibly lucrative career step once done right. While it can be challenging at first, the right guidance can help you go a long way. Following the tips above can help you start off right and ensure you’re going to be successful for a long time to come.

Join HIRE HER today and follow the tips mentioned above to polish your skills, add value to the market, and earn your first $1,000.