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Ciao! My name is Nisida, originally from Italy, I moved in Wellington back in 2014 with my partner.

I have background in admin/office support roles and 4 years ago I made a career change. I am now a frontend developer with 3 years of experience in building and improving web applications using React Hooks and modern javascript tools. I am looking for a new opportunity to work on diverse and challenging projects and develop my skills further.

In my free time I like painting (have a look on my fb page or instagram !), cooking, walking,  dancing cuban salsa and Tango!


Attached is my CV which is self-explanatory but just to give you a gist of the type of job I am seeking- I would like to explore new job opportunities in different fields, after working in New Zealand for the past 22 years of which 5 have been spent in Retail & Admin roles which also involved being an Assistant to Managers & 17 years as a Senior Accounts Administrator.

Seventeen years ago I started in RedBull Powder Co Ltd who is my current employer, as a one stop shop for all accounts and administration related functions and as the company grew my position in the company has culminated in the role of Accounts Receivables, Credit Control and Management Reporting. However, I have learnt various skills during the course of my work and realize I have developed a few skills & experiences to enable me to diversify and seek new opportunities for myself in the work force.

I am a Commerce Graduate with demonstrated expertise and experience of financial systems and management. I respond positively to challenges and adapt quickly to change, learning & utilizing new concepts rapidly. I build rapport with people easily and maintain excellent working relationships across the range of age groups and cultural backgrounds. My down to earth attitude and sense of humor have enabled me to develop excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


Anaheeta Sethna

I’m a dedicated freelance social media marketer on a mission to invigorate your brand’s online presence with captivating content that ignites excitement and drives engagement. Despite my limited project history, my passion for crafting compelling content knows no bounds. I’m your ultimate destination for a diverse array of intriguing and dynamic digital content, spanning from captivating Instagram Reels to impactful Infographics and Animated posts – the possibilities are endless.

I oversee every facet of the content creation process, from conceptualization to flawless execution, ensuring that each piece of content I produce embodies your brand’s essence. Let’s collaborate to breathe life into your brand and make a lasting impact in the digital realm.

Experienced in the disability sector holding a master’s degree in Educational Rehabilitation. Recently finished an AUT industry-accredited Certificate in Data Science, which involves hands-on technical skills and exposure to current AI practices. I am looking to start and grow my career in the Data Science field. Apart from the technical skills I have gained, I have great communication, listening and negotiation skills after years of working with and for people.