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We are looking for an Engineering Manager to join our Trade Me Motors team. A critical role for our company, you’ll be responsible for the operational health of our systems,…

  • Job Level3-Expert
  • Job typeJob type: Partial Onsite
  • Job TypeJob Type: Fixed Budget
  • Auckland
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Senior Marketer - growing your business online
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I am a seasoned professional with over 15 years of hands-on experience in digital marketing. Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in campaign…

Turning the technical into something meaningful & useful

I’m passionate about turning the complex into something simple, useful and impactful for people and businesses. I can provide product management for start ups on…

Your virtual recruitment specialist
  • $ 80.00 - $ 160.00 / hr
  • Auckland
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With two decades of both internal and agency experience, both in New Zealand and overseas, your business is in highly capable hands.  My aim is…

Clarity Coaching for Women
  • $ 110.00 - $ 190.00 / hr
  • Christchurch
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I assist businesses in developing performance pathways that support working women, ensuring they stay engaged and continue to be valuable contributors to the commercial ecosystem.…

Doing business well
  • $ 45.00  / hr
  • North Island
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I’m here to help. I’ve worked with all kinds of companies in more than a dozen industries and covered all as below. I work extensively…

Talented Recruiter and Candidate Manager looking to work 4 days a week.

I am an experienced Recruitment Consultant and Talent Manager having worked predominantly within Business Support, recruiting temporary, fixed term and permanent roles across HR, EA/PA,…