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I am an experienced primary teacher who loves all things admin & organisation!
I can help you with the following in a timely manner and at a low cost.

  • creating flyers/posters/social media posts/newsletters
  • typing/transcription
  • document creation
  • Sending emails
  • Data entry
  • word processing
  • Social media posts
  • creating newsletters

I am more than happy to send through my CV if required.

I offer a solution for those who need marketing assistance, but don’t want the financial commitment of hiring an employee!

The world of real estate is dynamic and ever-evolving, demanding agents to stay updated on the latest marketing trends, prospecting techniques, and social media strategies, all while striving to excel in revenue-generating activities and closing deals. I’m here to streamline your to-do list, allowing you to focus on your core strength – sales.

With two decades of both internal and agency experience, both in New Zealand and overseas, your business is in highly capable hands.  My aim is to provide you with expert recruitment know how, without the agency cost.  Acting as your inhouse recruitment specialist to walk alongside you as your business grows, offering insight, direction and hands on support as required.  Whether its creating your recruitment strategy, setting up an ATS, mentoring you on how to interview or providing you with hiring templates, I have you covered.

I assist businesses in developing performance pathways that support working women, ensuring they stay engaged and continue to be valuable contributors to the commercial ecosystem.

My methodology is grounded in values and concentrates on building confidence to strategically establish and achieve personal values that align with organizational objectives.

I provide individual strategic planning sessions and one-hour webinars centred on values for business teams throughout New Zealand.








Working the last 20+ years in Managed and Professional Service businesses, both here in NZ and Canada (remote), has provided me with unique opportunities to work as a Microsoft Data Platform Consultant and Oracle Team Manager across most industries in NZ, Australia, America, Canada and the United Kingdom.

My technical and people management experience has evolved into strong skills in project management, business analysis, process improvement, data analysis and reporting. I have worked alongside many subject matter experts and stakeholders over the years, and this has equipped me with a well-rounded view of data in business and resulted in a desire to move into Business, Data and Process Improvement Analysis.

I’m a strong believer in quality documentation, knowledge sharing and empowerment. In my work I strive to understand my client’s unique business needs, remove ambiguity, identify any gaps, automate the repeatable, implement consistency and deliver high quality results.

I can provide Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Process Improvement Analysis, Documentation Standardization, SQL Server Administration, General Administration and Data Governance assistance.

You’re keen to tackle that next big goal — you’re just not quite sure how to get there.

That’s where I come in.

I help growth-minded people and organisations find and communicate their purpose.

Life and career coaching

Ambitious millennial in New Zealand or Australia? I’ll help you navigate life changes with 1:1 coaching that defines your purpose — and a roadmap to fulfil it.

Marketing consulting

Purpose-led business owner? I help you create mission-aligned marketing and communications strategies and deliverables that convey your vision and values.

Speaking and facilitation

Event organiser? Invite me along to your next webinar or in-person conference to facilitate a meaningful conversation and elevate the stories and voices of your people.

As a dynamic leader who represents diverse thinking and inspires others to drive positive change through technology and innovation, I have helped businesses across Aotearoa and internationally grow and thrive while making positive impacts on the environment and society.

Recognised as a digital business growth strategist, I have proven experience in generating high market impact and activating emerging and prevailing business opportunities. I have helped start-ups and large multinationals succeed across full business lifecycles, including fundraising, growth acceleration, acquisition, exit, and global expansion.

I believe that the foundation for growth starts with developing high-performing cultures and transformational leadership. With my expertise and experience, I am passionate about helping people and organisations succeed and create value for future generations.

Several years ago, I found myself on the sideline, watching my husband work through the challenges of running a family owned business.  At the same time I was working for a government organisation as a workplace coach and trainer.  In both spaces the daily challenges centred around one key area – people.  Since that time, I have been fascinated with working and understanding why people do what they do and how to create an environment that allows both leaders and those on the floor to work together and find success individually and collectively.

I believe that so many issues that businesses face can be resolved through good communication, clear systems and processes and leaders that take the time to engage with their people.  With a bachelor in business, specialising in Human Resources and my experience operating at an executive level as Head of HR, I am able to bring you a range of services in the people space from both the compliant side of HR to looking at how to build and improve culture and engagement.   With developed skills and tools, I can help guide businesses to create a culture that can set themselves and their people up for success.   

As a digital presence expert, I specialise in helping businesses scale their online operations, design stunning websites, and develop impactful brands.

With my guidance and strategic insights, businesses can unlock their full potential in the digital realm. Whether you’re a startup looking to establish a strong online foundation or an established company seeking to expand your reach, I provide tailored solutions to meet your unique goals.

From crafting visually captivating websites that engage and convert visitors to creating compelling brand identities that resonate with your target audience, I am dedicated to helping businesses leave a lasting impact in the digital landscape.

With a deep understanding of the latest industry trends and a keen eye for effective design, I bring expertise and innovation to every project. Together, we’ll navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and create a comprehensive online presence that sets you apart from the competition.

Let’s collaborate and take your business to new heights. Together, we’ll shine a light on your online presence and make your brand shine brighter than ever before.

Looking forward to meet you,  Lucy