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Marketing Assistance for Real Estate Agents
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I offer a solution for those who need marketing assistance, but donโ€™t want the financial commitment of hiring an employee! The world of real estate…

Turning the technical into something meaningful & useful

I’m passionate about turning the complex into something simple, useful and impactful for people and businesses. I can provide product management for start ups on…

  • $ 26.00 - $ 40.00 / hr
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Doing business well
  • $ 45.00  / hr
  • North Island
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I’m here to help. I’ve worked with all kinds of companies in more than a dozen industries and covered all as below. I work extensively…

Solving problems + Communication + Project Management

Hello, Iโ€™m Kat! An organiser, problem solver, multi-tasker and collaborator with 8+ years in project management, marketing, events and operations. Iโ€™m inspired by the potential…