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People Experience and HR support
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I co-founded BloomHQ with my wonderful business partner Tamara Buckland. We are 2 passionate People Experience consultants who envision a world where you get to…

HR and Talent Acquisition professional, with strong abilities to build relationships and deliver excellent results

Talent Acquisition and Human Resources professional, experienced in providing good hiring experience for managers and candidates in fast-paced environments and industries such as multinational medical…

Balance is the key to living well. "Know thyself". Socrates
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Long experience in well-being and cognitive practices, skilled at implementing stress management/resilience-building techniques in the workplace Positive, compassionate, and empathetic with a high standard of…

Develops people at their best! Mindset and Career Coach.
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I coach Citizens of the World 🌏 on their Personal and Career Development. They trust me as I am a migrant, Business Owner and Professional…

Helping you to help your child! Experienced cognitive skills therapist.

I have a PhD in Psychology and am an experienced cognitive skills therapist. I have created online modules, training and support to help parents best…

'Matters of the Heart' Relationship Coach
  • $ 100.00 - $ 130.00 / hr
  • Auckland
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I am a Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach. I coach WOMEN with a proven set of skills to transform their marriages – even if it…