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  • Job costCost $ 151,725.00 - $ 170,000.00

Company Description We believe that if we want to be a world class Kiwi Company, we shouldn’t just employ people, divide them into functional departments and tell them what to…

  • Job Level2-Medium
  • Job typeJob type: Partial Onsite
  • Job TypeJob Type: Fixed Budget
  • Wellington
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Marketing that packs a punch!
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With extensive experience in marketing, I am a passionate and results-oriented marketing and sales professional who helps clients achieve their goals and grow their brands.…

Turning the technical into something meaningful & useful

I’m passionate about turning the complex into something simple, useful and impactful for people and businesses. I can provide product management for start ups on…

  • $ 45.00  / hr
  • Auckland
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Hello. My name is Sara. With a PhD in Health Sciences and a strong background in research writing, literature review, and quantitative and qualitative analysis…